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A summary: why digital food control plans are good for business

For hospitality business owners in our new climate, having a watertight food control plan is more imperative than ever. 

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What’s the financial impact of a poor food safety rating to your brand?

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of food poisoning in the developed world.(1) According to the Public Health Surveillance Report there was an increase in campylobacter in 2016, the most commonly reported illness in New Zealand.(2) Many food poisoning cases in New Zealand are associated with a cafe or restaurant, which can have a dramatic financial impact on the business.

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Kitchen Whizz: how a digital Food Control Plan takes the complaints out of staying food safety compliant.

October 09, 2017 Victoria Elliott, BSc Marketing and Sales Executive Food Safety Management, food control plan No comments

Ever had that eerie feeling when you’re alone in the kitchen at the end of a shift? It’s dark, silent, except perhaps for the soft hum of the chiller. You get chills up the spine, sweaty palms and it feels like there’s a commis cloth where your tongue was. Cue dramatic organ music, lightning flashes and bloodcurdling screams.

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