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About the Chomp Team

Folio Solutions is a group of experienced hospitality professionals who identified a need for a better way to record food safety practices in commercial kitchens. Our experience includes:

  • over 40 years combined hospitality management
  • ownership of 8+ hospitality venues
  • 20 years IT development experience
  • well-practiced operating the Food Control Plan as a VIP user.

For years we struggled to engage staff in the recording of food safety practices. With the increasing requirements of the Food Act our Food Control Plan was constantly vulnerable to incomplete recording, missing report pages, and outdated requirements. Even with great staff and well written FCPs, how can we ensure that we are audit ready all the time?

 Chomp Food Safety App was built on the back of "there must be a better way". We designed Chomp specifically for commercial kitchens in response to New Zealand’s 2014 Food Safety Act, and the frustrations associated with the paper based FCP.

Our aim is to eliminate inefficiency and improve productivity through offering cloud-based solutions for paper-based problems. Chomp Food Safety App is engineered to deliver fast, compliant Food Control Plans for the New Zealand Hospitality industry.

We have developed a better, smarter way to manage food safety and operational efficiency. We look forward to working with our client partners and continue to improve and modify our processes to fit in with your needs.

Find out how Chomp works

Paul Wilson, Managing Director

Paul comes from a background of over 30 years in the hospitality industry, including managing and owning various establishments in Queenstown. He has seven years of experience using paper-based Food Control Plans, so understands the requirements associated with them.

He recalls feeling exposed every audit after reviewing his paper-based systems, only to discover gaps in records and information. Paul needed a better way to engage staff in maintaining and correctly recording food safety practices, and an easier way to review and respond to records in real-time. Chomp was his answer to being audit ready, all the time.

“As a founder of Chomp, my role has initially been helping the development of the App to meet and exceed the requirements of the Food Safety Act 2014. After launching Chomp in April 2016, I have been focusing on spreading the word and showing businesses “a better way”.”

Nicolle Marshall, Sales Executive

Nicolle comes from a background in hospitality administration, sales and marketing, so she enjoys the industry and its challenges. She is passionate about discussing food compliance with others in the industry, and how it can be done better. Nicolle will work with you to ensure your digital food compliance meets all requirements, to create an efficient and successful business.

'Chomp gives your team the freedom to indulge in the aspects of the business they enjoy most without being weighed down in the admin!'

How much does Chomp cost?

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