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Why Chomp?

The Chomp Food Safety App allows you to get rid of your pesky paper-based Food Control Plan, and move to a simple, streamlined digital-based Plan. Chomp gives you real-time visibility of the status of your food safety tasks in your kitchen, and provides up-to-date food safety training for your team – Resulting in less time focusing on tedious daily tasks, and more time providing better service for your customers. Chomp is compliant to New Zealand and Australian Food Safety Acts (FSANZ).

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Chomp task management

Task Management

Replace pen and paper with reminders and maintenance at the touch of a button. Your Food Control Plan can be altered by you at any point, and keeps your team on top of daily, weekly and monthly food safety compliance tasks.

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Chomp Reporting


Easy to access and read reporting that is both active and relevant is at the heart of the Chomp App. Keep track of overdue and completed tasks, staff training, event reports and any potential issues.

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Chomp Food Safety Training

Food Safety Training

Chomp provides your team with the ability to keep up-to-date with food safety training and information – all within the app. Stay on top of training needs, relevant to current legislation and requirements.

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Staff minutes saved per year using Chomp


Minimum Fine applied for incomplete paperwork


Sheets of paper you don't have to file every year

Chomp is the only Food Control Plan you will ever need



Don’t put your reputation at risk! Chomp ensures all food safety tasks are maintained, recorded, and are easily accessible via the cloud. When the auditor comes, there’s no scrambling to complete tasks and no surprises.

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Chomp Food Safety App ensures consistent and seamless recording of your Food Control Plan. Instructions are simple to follow and tasks are easy to record, all with problem-free reporting when and where it counts.

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Chomp gives you the flexibility of deciding when tasks are due to be actioned, and anticipates non-compliance issues and risk in advance with notification of these. With all information kept on the the cloud, it is accessible at any time.

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Chomp is great to keep track of food safety practices, and it is engaging for the staff. Staff say it is easy to use and it's awesome for me to go back and add notes or update tasks if there are differences. Chomp should be a must for all [hospitality] organisations. It is a small cost to be integrated and provides value for money.

Birthe Svendheim
Joe's Garage, Queenstown

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