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Is Chomp compliant with New Zealand food safety standards?

Yes, Chomp is compliant to New Zealand and Australian Food Safety Acts (FSANZ).

What are New Zealand Councils saying about Chomp?

Chomp complies with New Zealand food safety regulations. Council feedback has been really positive, the Simple Safe version of the 2014 Food Act clearly states digital recording as a valid method of recording food safety tasks. We are continuously working with councils with the view of helping to speed up the audit process, saving you time and money.

Have there been any audits of people using Chomp? How have they gone?

Yes Chomp has been used during commercial kitchen audits, and businesses have found it very simple and fast. All businesses have had successful audits using the Chomp dashboard.

How much does Chomp cost? 

We were very sensitive when setting the pricing, knowing margins are tight in hospitality. Chomp costs $85+ per month for a single venue and $75+ for multi venue owners. At $2.80 per day, we know we deliver real cost savings to businesses - saving up to $3500 annually in staff time spent operating a paper plan.

A one off setup fee of $199 will be charged, and you will need to source your own tablet (or other electronic device). If you need to purchase a tablet, we can refer you to our partner retailer where you will receive a new Samsung tablet delivered to your door at a discounted price. 

What’s the length of my Chomp contract?

We are very confident that once you use Chomp you will never look back. However, we offer a month-to-month contract which enables you to evaluate Chomp at the end of each month. 

Can you print reports directly from the Chomp App?

Although we are trying to eliminate pen and paper, we understand that some businesses still like hard copies for reference. Therefore we have given you the ability to print pages from Chomp as you require.

What is Chomp’s level of customer support?

Our product is very stable and robust, however we understand that you may need help with the app from time to time. You can contact us at any time during the day via the App or our website, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

When there are changes with the 2014 Food Act, how does it affect my Food Control Plan in Chomp?

Chomp is supplied all updates of the 2014 Food Act from Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), and therefore makes and communicates changes within the App as they happen. We will let you know of any changes and what your responsibilities are to remain compliant.

Do I have to upload our own Food Control Plan into Chomp? Can I make changes to my Plan once it is loaded?

We will do the heavy lifting for you and upload your Plan into the Chomp App via your portal. We will email you a list of things we need to get underway,  and we will upload your Plan for you once we have what we need from you. Once you are live, it is very simple to make changes or edit your Plan yourself (or via your kitchen manager/Head Chef) as required via the App.

What can Chomp do that is superior to paper FCP recording?

Our own experience, and that of our clients, was no matter how prepared we tried to be in our kitchens, we were never audit ready all the time. 

Paper contained in folders doesn't give you visibility of how complete your FCP recordings are.   Paper doesn't communicate the issues.   Chomp provides transparency of your Food Control Plan every day so you can see very quickly and easily what has occurred, and more importantly, what hasn't.

The biggest issue with pen and paper is that it doesn’t engage staff.  Chomp is simple, fast and takes the guess work out of which tasks are due to be completed each day. With reminders for tasks due and the highlighting of issues, you can  be confident you're up to date and that your FCP records are audit ready, all the time.

How secure is my data in Chomp?

Chomp uses secure Amazon cloud storage.  Chomp stores your records for the four years required under the  Food Act 2014, so no more boxes full of paper taking up space.

Can I see who has recorded each task in my Plan?

Yes you can.  You can activate the Task Sign Off feature if you wish to have staff names allocated to each task they complete.  

Are there any other digital Food Control Plans available in the market?

As far as we know Chomp is the only specific built App aimed to ease the burden of pen and paper food safety recording for Plans in New Zealand.

Can I trial Chomp before I decide to purchase it?

Chomp does not offer a free trial period, but we do offer a free 30 minute online demonstration with our sales team. This online demonstration will involve our team sharing their screen with you, and taking you through the ins and outs of the Chomp app. Here you can experience what it will be like to use Chomp in your kitchen, and we can answer any questions you may have about the App. 

This demonstration is obligation free, and does not lock you into any contracts or sign up processes for Chomp.

How is Chomp working to continuously evolve the App?

Our primary focus has been delivering a product that goes beyond the minimum requirements of your Plan. We are continuously focusing on developing smarter tools for you and your staff, to make food safety practices more efficient in your kitchen. Thanks to client feedback, we are looking at providing solutions to other areas of hospitality business, including Health and Safety - so watch this space!

Do I need internet access to use the Chomp App?

Chomp is currently running a web based App, and therefore you will require internet access. We are in the process of developing an App that will work offline, and will aim to release this before Christmas 2017.

Does Chomp work on all devices?

Yes, Chomp App can work on all electronic devices.

Do you have any further questions?

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