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COVID-19 food safety tips from the Chomp community

March 20, 2020 Paul Wilson News, Food Safety Management No comments

We know there's a lot of concern with the spread of Coronavirus, especially now that the virus is a lot closer to home. Additionally, we understand that it may or already could have impacted your business.

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What’s the financial impact of a poor food safety rating to your brand?

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of food poisoning in the developed world.(1) According to the Public Health Surveillance Report there was an increase in campylobacter in 2016, the most commonly reported illness in New Zealand.(2) Many food poisoning cases in New Zealand are associated with a cafe or restaurant, which can have a dramatic financial impact on the business.

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Just how much money could a digital FCP save you?

January 21, 2018 Victoria Elliott, BSc Marketing and Sales Executive Food Safety Management 1 Comment

Let’s cut right to the chase. Running a business is expensive. Running it well, safely and with the welfare of your customers and staff at heart, is even more so. But what if a piece of software could reduce your costs while helping you grow and protecting your reputation?

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Everywhere at once: oversee your FCP easily from the cloud

January 14, 2018 Nicolle Marshall Food Safety Management 1 Comment

Food businesses love cooking with gas. It’s fast, there’s no energy wasted getting to the right temperature, and you’re in total control across every element simultaneously. So how come some food business operators still aren’t applying those benefits to their Food Control Plan (FCP) management?

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Safety first, second nature: building a food safety culture in your kitchens.

January 07, 2018 Paul Wilson Food Safety Management 1 Comment

Reputation in hospitality is like a tall tree – it can take years to grow, and yet it can also be cut down in a day with a food poisoning incident and the public fallout from it. Creating a culture of food safety is part of growing a strong, resilient tree from the roots up.

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Avoiding food safety snafus with good FCP management

December 29, 2017 Paul Wilson Food Safety Management 1 Comment

Long nights slaving over a hot… pile of paperwork. It’s a big job monitoring food safety records to make sure they’re complete, accurate and up-to-date. And more venues mean more work, extra travel time and greater potential for snafus.

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5 food safety reasons to move to digital FCP management

December 22, 2017 Victoria Elliott, BSc Marketing and Sales Executive Food Safety Management No comments

For hospitality business owners, especially those managing multiple venues, a key challenge is keeping control and an overview of your kitchens’ paper based Food Control Plans (FCPs). With this lack of oversight comes the risk of food safety issues, which can seriously damage your brand reputation and your bottom line.

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Sticking to your FCP - how to make it a lasting resolution

December 18, 2017 Victoria Elliott, BSc Marketing and Sales Executive Food Safety Management No comments

By now you are all set with the weapon of a Food Control Plan - your strategy of compliance is in place! Congratulations! But what if it’s not implemented? Have you ever tried to stick to a diet and days later found yourself spoon deep in that Ben and Jerry’s? The intention was there, right?

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How food safety slip ups risk your brand reputation

December 15, 2017 Nicolle Marshall Food Safety Management No comments

It’s argued that ‘food deemed unsafe is more detrimental to brand image than food deemed lower quality’. No customer wants to get sick from eating at your place. So when a food outlet is seen to be risking customer safety, it’s not easily forgiven or forgotten. 

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Food safety training for kitchen staff – why should you do it?

November 07, 2017 Nicolle Marshall Food Safety Management No comments

As a food business operator, you will understand that all staff who handle or serve food must be food safety trained. 

But other than it being something that needs to be ticked off your list, surely there are other reasons for getting your staff food safety aware? You’re right - there’s a number of really worthwhile benefits to providing valuable food safety training to your team and in this blog, we’ll discuss them a bit more.

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