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Sticking to your FCP - how to make it a lasting resolution

By now you are all set with the weapon of a Food Control Plan - your strategy of compliance is in place! Congratulations! But what if it’s not implemented? Have you ever tried to stick to a diet and days later found yourself spoon deep in that Ben and Jerry’s? The intention was there, right?

What you were missing was focus and engagement with your strategy. In the case of your FCP; not fitting into those jeans for aunt Betty's wedding is represented by the horror of finding your records incomplete days before your food safety audit. It will come as no surprise that in the 21st century, the answer is technology. A digital Food Control Plan can replace tedious pen and paper recording, with reminders and maintenance to keep your team on top of your FCP so you don't slip back into your pre-resolution habits. Hallelujah!


Find out how a digital FCP can work in your kitchen. Download the free eBook for more.


As business operators, it goes without saying that you are busy! Checking a paper folder every day to make sure the tasks you know your staff did, were recorded correctly may not be very high on your priority list. But in the week before your audit, all those daily tasks will snowball into a mountain of paperwork and more apples in the basket you are already juggling. You guessed it; technology can solve this one too.

What if you could receive a weekly report straight to your inbox telling you exactly where you are at with your FCP (kind of like a personal trainer)? You could sleep a whole lot easier knowing you have all the right ingredients for your FCP - including all complete and accurate records, and issues that have been resolved.

Now what if I told you that you have the ability to login from anywhere at anytime, to view and update your FCP? This stops the snowball effect so you can keep on top of your food safety without being present in your commercial kitchen. It doesn't get much easier than that.

A digital FCP can help you implement your strategy, engage your staff and give you control over your plan from anywhere! So, what are you waiting for? Get back to putting time into what you love and providing better service for your customers, and stick with your resolution of a well managed FCP this year.

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