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Just how much money could a digital FCP save you?

Let’s cut right to the chase. Running a business is expensive. Running it well, safely and with the welfare of your customers and staff at heart, is even more so. But what if a piece of software could reduce your costs while helping you grow and protecting your reputation?

Paper Food Control Plans (FCPs) are notorious for being unwieldy, messy and time consuming to maintain correctly. This confusion, along with the sheer physical time spent riffling through ring binders and reams of paperwork – leads to staff spending many hours filling it in, and to you spending plenty of cold hard cash in the process.

It’s estimated that an average staff member spends at least 176 hours each year on a paper based system. Extrapolate that time and those wages across many staff and multiple venues, and Houston, we have an expensive problem.

In this blog we look at just how much a digital FCP could save you.


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A paper based system also incurs other less obvious costs. When space is at a premium, it costs to devote some of that space to storing files for the required time. It costs you in time and money to physically travel between locations to view records, check on food safety standards and troubleshoot issues.

An incorrectly maintained FCP also leaves you at the mercy of fines, or more expensive audits (those hourly fees mount up) to keep each location compliant with the Food Act.

Some New Zealand Councils are assessing the food safety performance of food premises as part of a risk factor they will use to determine how often each location is inspected and annual registration renewal fees. This means venues deemed to be ‘high risk’ will be monitored more and therefore pay more, while those that are operating to high standards will be inspected less regularly and save money.

An easy to use digital FCP app can save you money in fees by supporting each of your venues to perform to a high food safety standard. This is also a real bonus at audit time – as clear, accurate records can halve an auditor’s time on site.

Staff report that they much prefer using a digital FCP app to a paper system too. Saving their time means you could save money by not needing that extra pair of hands, while freeing up existing staff to focus more on looking after your customers. With a digital FCP, task alerts and reminders mean there’s less risk of unfinished paperwork. And when tasks are easier, they’re much more likely to get done – protecting your customers from food safety issues, and your reputation from the fallout of an incident. Which saves you from the greatest cost of all. The cost to your reputation.

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