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A guide to getting your Food Control Plan set up

December 15, 2017 Victoria Elliott, BSc Marketing and Sales Executive Food Act 2014 No comments

follow these simple steps to get your Food Control Plan set up before March 31st!

The Food Act 2014 has created uncertainty for many hospitality businesses. It’s not enough to just have safe food practices anymore - recording your food control tasks and actions, and getting through your audit just got a whole lot trickier!

All food businesses must register when their current registration expires or by the 31st March 2018, and transition by 30th June 2018 (February 2019 if you are operating under a FSP or VIP programme). But what does this mean? If you are one of the many businesses in limbo waiting for someone to tell you what you now need to be compliant, fear not we have created some simple steps to get you on track. Phew!

Do you know how prepared your kitchen is for the 2014 Food Act? Take our Audit Ready quiz to find out. 


Step 1

Visit the MPI website and find out where you fit in relation to the Food Act 2014.


Step 2

Complete the relevant template pages, then follow the steps to register your FCP with either:

  • your local council – for most food businesses
  • MPI – if you operate multiple sites across different council regions.

If you are registering with:

  • your local council – they will become your verifier
  • MPI – you must contact a verifier first (they can be the same verifier you used for your FSP, or someone else).

Surrender your current deemed FCP registration by emailing approvals@mpi.govt.nz


Step 3

After you register, your verifier must visit your business and check that you are making safe food. As an existing business, your initial verification must be within 12 months of registration.

If the initial verification goes well and there are no issues afterwards, your business will be checked every 12 months. After 2 successful verifications, this may change to every 18 months. 

Do you know if you would be ready for an audit tomorrow? Find out with our quiz here.

Victoria Elliott, BSc Marketing and Sales Executive

Victoria Elliott, BSc Marketing and Sales Executive

Victoria comes from a background of marketing and sales from around the world, and has now found her place within the Chomp team. Her love of a people focussed industry is what has drawn her to hospitality, and she is dedicated to helping Chomp customers find a better way through technology. She believes technology can enhance the customer experience, and Chomp is an enabler for this.

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