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Everywhere at once: oversee your FCP easily from the cloud

Food businesses love cooking with gas. It’s fast, there’s no energy wasted getting to the right temperature, and you’re in total control across every element simultaneously.

So how come some food business operators still aren’t applying those benefits to their Food Control Plan (FCP) management?

Some of the biggest downsides to running a paper based FCP are compounded for owners or operators of multiple venues. When you’re running a number of locations, it can be a constant challenge to make sure that all staff are maintaining the same high standards and procedures set by you and your managers, to comply with the Food Act.

With a paper FCP, trying to maintain a clear, up to date view of what’s happening in each kitchen means trying to be in all places at once. But the more locations and the further apart they are, the more difficult (and costly) it becomes to manually check records.

Paper makes processes inefficient for staff, as every task requires finding the correct section and page, many times during a shift, while trying to keep a heavy ringbinder clean in a hot, steamy kitchen. Missed tasks are often not remembered until it’s too late. And if you’re busy overseeing multiple locations – it’s impossible to keep track and follow up on everything.

In this blog we explain how you can oversee your FCP everywhere at once, all from the cloud.

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An incorrectly maintained FCP leaves you at the mercy of fines, or more expensive audits (those hourly fees mount up) to keep each location compliant with the Food Act. And the more behind the paperwork gets, the harder it is to remember the little details. This is not only an issue at audit time, but it can expose staff and customers to food safety risks.

When you’re often working at a distance, a digital FCP really comes into its own, as your eyes and ears ‘on the ground’. It allows you to simply check in anytime via a tablet to see what’s happening in each venue, in real time. It makes troubleshooting easier too. And there’s less need to call or visit in person. (Trust us on this, staff will enjoy that too.) Staff also receive alerts to complete due tasks, so it’s easier for them to keep up.

But one of the biggest benefits of a digital system is your peace of mind. You’ll gain a whole new sense of efficiency and control, with every detail stored in the cloud and records accessible from anywhere. It really does feel like you can be everywhere at once.

Now you’re cooking with gas. 

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