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COVID-19 food safety tips from the Chomp community

We know there's a lot of concern with the spread of Coronavirus, especially now that the virus is a lot closer to home. Additionally, we understand that it may or already could have impacted your business.

Several clients have contacted us to discuss their Coronavirus initiatives, so we thought we’d share these with you:

  • Be extra vigilant with cleaning, i.e. cleaning bathrooms an additional three times per day. We encourage those of you who are performing more frequent cleaning tasks to add these to the cleaning list in Chomp.
  • Ensuring staff are engaged around their roles and duties, especially in light of customers being more observant of food handling practices. Proper hand-washing is a given in our industry, however, we are encouraging staff to avoid face-touching, especially when picking up food from the passe.
  • Providing staff with quick access to hand sanitiser and reminding them to use it all the time, especially after exchanging money at the point of sale. 
  • While clearing and cleaning tables quickly are also best practice in hospitality, many of our Chomp members have introduced disposable cleaning cloths for tables and chairs.

And here's a few extra recommendations from the team here at Chomp:

  • Give customers access to hand sanitiser as they enter and leave premises.
  • Remove some seating or tables within your dining area to create more space between customers.
  • Remove all shared cutlery containers on tables and consider sanitising salt and pepper shakers on tables between sittings.
  • Provide some extra space for customers waiting for takeaway food, or if it's possible, offer a home delivery service.
  • Encourage those who are well to visit your eatery, and similarly, ensure you have a sign on the door reminding those who may be unwell to stay away.
  • Remind staff to handle glassware and cups from the bottom third.  Remember the thirds rule - top two thirds of the glass is the customers, bottom third is the servers.    This protects both your staff and your customers!
  • Familiarise yourself with the MPI Coronavirus guidelines.
  • Use social media, your website and email lists to inform your customers about what your business is doing to help keep everyone safer.

If there is anything else you are doing to keep your team, customers and business safe in these uncertain times, we'd love to hear from you. 


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