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Paul Wilson

Paul comes from a background of over 30 years in the hospitality industry, including managing and owning various establishments in Queenstown. Paul is passionate about engaging with people in the hospitality industry, and enjoys the challenges and rewards the industry brings.

What to expect with food safety audits

If you’re head down running a busy kitchen, the thought of an impending food safety audit may bring...

COVID-19 and Alert Level 2

During Alert Level 2 hospitality businesses can open.

COVID-19 and Alert Level 3

If you do decide to reopen your business, as well as keeping your food safe and suitable, you will...

COVID-19 food safety tips from the Chomp community

Several clients have contacted us to discuss their Coronavirus initiatives, so we thought we’d...

Safety first, second nature: building a food safety culture in your kitchens.

Creating a culture of food safety is part of growing a strong, resilient tree from the roots up.

Avoiding food safety snafus with good FCP management

And more venues mean more work, extra travel time and greater potential for snafus.