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About Chomp

Paper-based food safety recording can result in poor record-keeping, which leave venues exposed and staff feeling apprehensive at audit time.  

Chomp solves this feeling by providing you with digital food safety records. With Chomp, you can:  

  • Quickly identify which food safety tasks need completing 
  • See when each task is due
  • Action and view incomplete tasks
  • Access real-time reporting
  • Add and edit comments on all tasks 
  • Access your audit report at any time
  • Train staff about food safety 

Chomp gives you and your staff complete visibility of your food compliance and ensures that you are in control and audit-ready all the time. 

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Who is Chomp for?

Chomp is for kitchens who want to streamline their food safety practices.

Designed to keep kitchens compliant with food safety regulations, Chomp makes audit time easy.

If you are tired of trying to keep track of your paper records and want a better way, then Chomp is for you.

How does Chomp work?

Chomp gives chefs and kitchens the tools they need to manage food safety effectively through eliminating paper records. Instead, your food safety tasks will get loaded into Chomp.

Chomp highlights which food safety tasks are complete or incomplete, trains kitchen staff in food safety and keeps kitchens audit-ready all the time.

All data is securely cloud-stored, allowing you to access your food safety records from anywhere, anytime.

Why Chomp


Task Management

Chomp enables you to set up your food control tasks according to your food safety plan.

Chomp, chefs can record task results when they are due (daily, weekly or monthly), respond to automatic notifications and take care of any overdue tasks highlighted within the app. Tasks can be managed via a tablet or laptop.

Audit Reports

Chomp makes audit day stress free with a simple audit report. 

You can select a date range to display all your records or specific tasks.

Chomp has your food compliance and your staff covered at all times.


Food Safety Training

Good food safety training in kitchens is vital.

Chomp provides kitchen staff with introductory food safety training. 

Once complete, Chomp creates a training record under the staff member’s profile.

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