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How does Chomp Food Safety App work?

We've all had that sinking feeling come audit time when reviewing your FCP to realise that you aren’t audit ready. All the good work done during the year can easily come unstuck by poor or forgotten record keeping.

Current practice for recording daily tasks is paper based, but Chomp provides you with a digital FCP which improves your business efficiencies and visibility of daily food safety practices. By integrating with cloud-based services, Chomp allows you and your staff easy access to:

  • Which food safety tasks need to be completed
  • When each task is due
  • What to do if a task is not carried out correctly
  • Up to the minute access to reporting
  • Daily visibility of ‘incomplete’ tasks
  • Editing and comments on all tasks and questions
  • Food safety training of your FCP.

Chomp gives you and your staff complete visibility of your FCP and ensures that you are in control and audit ready all the time. 

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Who Is Chomp For?

Chomp Food Safety App is for anyone working in a commercial kitchen, who wants to streamline their food safety practices to be compliant with the 2014 Food Safety Act. If you are tired of trying to keep track of a paper FCP and want a better way to engage your staff in daily food safety practices, then Chomp is the solution for you. Chomp is compliant to New Zealand and Australian Food Safety Acts (FSANZ).


How Does Chomp Work?

The Chomp Food Safety App eliminates your paper FCP and replaces it with a digital version. All data is stored in the cloud for the 4 year period required under the Act – always there, always available, always secure. You are given more visibility of training, task management and day-to-day reporting, resulting in peace-of-mind and prepardness come audit time. 

Your FCP is loaded onto the App, where your food safety tasks that need to be completed are displayed each day - whether they are daily, weekly or monthly tasks. Your FCP can be accessed via the dashboard from anywhere, anytime and gives you and your manager the tools they need to effectively manage your FCP.

Chomp Task Management

Staff keep track of food safety tasks according to your FCP each day, by responding to automatic notifications and recording the results of the task in Chomp. Chomp also highlights tasks that are overdue to be actioned, prompting staff to keep on top of their day.

Once the tasks are completed, they disappear until they are due to be done again. Your FCP is set inside Chomp according to your requirements, and can be montiored via a tablet in the kitchen or at home on your laptop.

You have the ability to view and edit any comments made on tasks, to ensure come audit time you have all necessary details at your fingertips. 

Chomp Reporting

Chomp provides you with the ability to easily direct auditors to areas within the task profiles for their review. Chomp highlights any issues that occur, so they can be quickly and easily addressed. All tasks are recorded in the portal and you can choose a date range to display all your records or only specific records, like your cleaning tasks, for an audit.

As well as scheduled tasks, Chomp allows you to record events that occur from day to day. Under your FCP you are required to record events such as staff sickness, received or recalled goods, unexpected maintenance, or customer complaints. Chomp gives staff the ability to record these events as they happen, quickly and efficiently, so they can get back to business. No need to defer until the end of night, or find the right paper folder to record the event. Chomp has your FCP covered and, more importantly, your staff covered at all times. 

Chomp Food Safety Training

A big part of an FCP is staff training and awareness. Chomp carries up-to-date food safety information which mirrors current legislation on training requirements. Chomp’s online training tool allows you to provide a training link for staff to complete on their own devices or in-house, while training records are created in the app under each staff member’s profile. Managers can verify all training records to ensure staff have the knowledge necessary to serve safe food.

Chomp’s intuitive app ensures consistent and seamless recording in your FCP.

See Chomp in action

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